Training For A Half Marathon
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Training For A Half Marathon

Training For A Half Marathon Resources and Reviews


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You'll find that the majority of the programs recommended on this site offer more than just an ebook. Interactive media plays a big part and you'll find videos and audio extras really valuable as you can load them onto your iPod to listen to in the car or while out and about.

Probably the most valuable part of these programs, and also what really sets them apart from traditional books, is the support mechanisms such as online forums, chat rooms and email. High quality support systems are a valued criteria in our reviews and the best programs come with personal support to answer all of your questions on training for a half marathon.

Training For A Half Marathon For Beginners

As mentioned above, it is
vitally important that if you're a newbie or a first timer that you get your hands on a decent half marathon training schedule for beginners to ensure you have all of the information you need on how to train for a marathon properly to avoid injuries and optimize your training.

Training For A Half Marathon Diet

marathon diet is something which can greatly affect your training and, more importantly, your recovery.

You'll be eating specific foods for energy and recovery during your training so be sure to keep your marathon eating plan somewhere prominent, preferably on your fridge, or at least in your kitchen somewhere.

It goes without saying that junk food is not desirable, however what is actually more important is that you don't substitute the good nutritious food with the junk food.

You'll find that if there is any time in your life when it's OK to eat junk food, it's when you're training for a half marathon!

As long as you make sure not to skip any of the essential foods on your eating program, any extra calories you consume, over and above this, is most likely going to get burnt off in your training. So go for it! In fact, marathon man Dean Karnazes is known to binge eat junk food like pizza, soda and sweets even while he's running!

Training For A Half Marathon

Training For A Half Marathon

Welcome to our site. This page has all of the best resources to help you succeed in
training for a half marathon. We have carefully reviewed, tested and looked over the results of the World's best half marathon training schedule plans and update the Top 10 list on a monthly basis primarily based on sales volumes and popularity.

A professional marathon training programme is the second most important (good running shoes are #1) key to your half marathon success, some would say it's actually more important than your shoes! However you look at it, a comprehensive half marathon training schedule for beginners is an absolute essential for first timers, and this is not just for the running schedule.

Training For A Half Marathon Schedule

Without doubt, these days the best place to find a good
half marathon training schedule for beginners is online. Books and spreadsheets are really outdated and don't give anywhere near as good quality as the programs delivered on the internet. Continued below....